About Me (and Jamie)

About Me:    
                                  I have a little bit of an unhealthy obsession with Jamie Oliver.

Namely his accent, his easy-peasy recipes and the fact that he is pretty darned cute to look at.

But don't let that fool you...Jamie Oliver is Not My Boyfriend.

In fact, I don't even know Jamie aside from his books and specials! This blog will serve as my approach to cooking NAKED. Yes, you got it...naked, but in the tradition of Jamie Oliver's naked. Meaning very clean and simple recipes that just taste great. Get it? Naked.

No scary added ingredients that require you to track down 50 Chinese grocers to find a particular root or herb. Although who knows what the future will bring! But there will be food..oh yes.

Food and photos and hopefully entertaining experiences, because God knows that Jamie would love that.But let me preface this blog by saying that if Jamie Oliver WAS my boyfriend, well, I wouldn't have to do any of the cooking..but I'd bake for him instead and look cute in an apron.

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