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>> Saturday, 13 March 2010

I've been trying to eat more 'naturally' lately. Using less processed foods and more 'whole foods'. Originally it was my goal to bake something for this blog using sprouted grains....and it still is, but I don't know when. Soooooo, instead I will tell you everything I've learned about sprouted grains.

It all started when I read the Essential Eating:
Sprouted Baking Cookbook by Janie Quinn.

I was intrigued because the tag line read: with whole grain flours that digest as vegetables.


How is that even possible I thought to myself (immediately set out on
finding answers on the internet) and OMG, what on earth would it taste like?? *remembering mine & Heather's experience at the St. Lawrence Market*

Flipping through the book, I saw a recipe for a cherry tart which looked right up my alley! Well, once into the book, I realised it was more or less a promo tool into buying THEIR flour. Which is fine...I can adapt and use other flour..well, it was due back to the library and I never wrote the recipe down. *doh* Which means, I need to take it out from the library again because I think I will attempt it this summer.

But I digress, we were talking about healthy eating you and I. Now I am not talking about special occassion eating (or "Hurray, it's Tuesday!" eating..of which I am quite susceptible) but about general choices throughout the week for overall better health.

I am making the start with swapping out my white bread (I detest whole wheat bread. No reason why except that I hate the taste and yet I ADORE anything with lots of seeds/nuts in it as long as there is more 'grain' than whole wheat) for sprouted grain bread.

So a little bit about sprouted grain bread..
here is what StoneMill Bakery has to say about sprouted grains.

I am in the process of trying out a bunch of different brands of sprouted grain breads. Last week I tried StoneMill's Sprouted Grains: 3 Grains & Oatmeal and it was delicious! However, when I looked for it at the store again, it wasn't available. So I headed to the freezer section for something made ONLY with sprouted grains and no flour and found Silver Hills brand.

Both companies are Canadian and are very 'green' thinking and use best environmental practices and are interested in sustainability.
StoneMill is Ontario-based and Silver Hills is located in British Columbia.

So this week I've been enjoying Silver Hill's 'The Big 16'..which is made up of 16 (!!) types of sprouted grains! In fact, here's the complete ingredient list:

Organic whole sprouted wheat*
organic evaporated cane juice*
vital wheat gluten
organic oat flake topping*
organic flax seeds*
sea salt
organic sunflower seeds*
organic millet*
organic whole sprouted triticale*
organic whole sprouted rye*
organic whole sprouted barley*
organic buckwheat*
organic whole corn*
citric acid
organic whole brown rice*
organic whole sprouted spelt*
organic whole sprouted kamut® khorasan wheat*
organic sesame seeds*
organic whole amaranth*
organic whole quinoa*

*Certified Organic
Pretty impressive...and pretty tasty! So far, this healthy living thing doesn't seem so dire.

Besides, I'll definitely still enjoy making sweet treats, I'll just have to give more of them away.


CC 15 March 2010 at 05:40  

Definitely go back to the library and check out Essential Eating Sprouted Baking again. The Cherry Tart Recipe is the best!! But don't stop there. I switched to using the Essential Eating flour and it changed my life. I dropped 35 pounds and feel eating their flour that digests as a vegetable - equates to great tasting pancakes, muffins and bread! So what they are promoting their flour, it is amazing.

Webgrrl74 15 March 2010 at 06:41  

That is super awesome CC! Yeah, I was just disappointed because I don't think I can easily get that flour here in Canada, but I figured I could switch it out for something I can get here...I still need to investigate that. I'm glad the cherry tart is as good as I thought it would I definitely need to take it out again from the library!

Digesting as a vegetable means I can eat more of them right? *LOL* kidding..kidding

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