>> Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I'm the type of gal that marketing people love...because packaging jumps off the shelf at me.
So, it's no surprise that while I was out shopping, I came across this package in the fruit section.

Okay, so honestly, my first thought was 'Holy crap, what a waste of packaging material for APPLES! Ridiculous.'

Then I took a closer look...

It wasn't an was a Grapple. (pronounced Grape -L)

Oh apple that tastes like a grape! Sooooooo bizarre!
Anyway, they priced out at 4 for $4.99, but for something as unusual as this (not to mention the joke potential) it was worth it.

The texture is like an apple, but you can read the process here as to how they get that concord grape flavour in these Fuji or Washington Extra Fancy Gala apples.

I just wonder how much foods like this will confuse kids...I mean, they already have no recollections as to what vinyl records are!


The Asian Pear 4 March 2010 at 06:06  


Kim 4 March 2010 at 14:31  

lmao! I so fell for that packaging about 5 months ago. Not going to lie, I loved them!!

Webgrrl74 8 March 2010 at 18:39  

hehehehe...I totally loved them too.
Wild really! :)

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