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>> Wednesday, 30 January 2013

In all my adventures on Pinterest (damn, I love that site!) I've fallen across a few amazing recipes and decor concepts as well as photographic inspiration!

The awesomeness that this is, is actually common in Korea. They create a concoction that we do as well, but the only difference is that they have a better way of doing it!

Ever had hot water with lemon & honey to soothe your sore throat? Well, this is a broken down, condensed version of just that!

Thinly slice 2 lemons (removing the seeds) and layer in a small jar (or big jar..your choice!)

Pour in unpasteurized honey (none of that Billy Bee store stuff). I used honey from a local apiary (even better...try to support your local bee keepers!) to about 1/3 of the jar. Admittedly, I just topped up the jar with honey (I had melted it in the microwave before putting it in) and went with it.

Now, toss it in the fridge! The lemon will start to breakdown (It shouldn't mold because the honey and juice from the lemon will prevent it) and you should be able to stir it into a lumpy golden mess. This will last for quite a while in your fridge and you can just continue to top up with lemon and honey.

To enjoy, simply take a spoonful of the mixture and stir it into a mug of hot water. Add more to taste.

Really, what could be easier (and natural AND good for you)?
Take care of your thoat this winter and follow me on Pinterest for more fabulousness! :)


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